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My name is Chris Fertnig and I have been producing Winning Photographs for a very diverse range of clients for over two decades. My advertising photographs have appeared in most of Canada’s major newspapers and magazines. My work has also been used in countless other publications, periodicals, books, catalogues, brochures, annual reports and web sites around the world.

I specialize in Corporate and Industrial photography on location and In-Studio for Companies and Agencies of all sizes. My Competitive advantage is my many years of experience dealing with tough, high-pressure assignments and my proven track record in delivering images on time and on budget.

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What is Fashion Photography

This type of photography an enchanting choice of photography, to say the least, evokes the very best of artists, magic and harmony, all in one. It is a genre which photography has devoted itself to displaying both fashion items and clothing. This is usually done to display, market and promote a brand. It is mostly used for fashion magazines and also, advertisements. Some of the most famous magazines, who make the most of fashion photography, are Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Any other fashion magazine with a good reputation and great attention to detail, are also utilized for fashion photography.

Over the decades, starting out at about the late 1800’s, fashion photography has developed its own unique aesthetic. By using photography, the clothes and image are both enhanced by the presence of its location.

Tips on Fashion Photography

  • The number one thing fashion photography should always encompass is an essence that exudes photography. As a photographer, you should be able to direct the models in a sense of confidence and being sure of themselves. The number one flaw that one can pick up from a photo is a sense of stress, anxiety and lack of confidence.
  • When shooting fashion, it’s all about the beauty and clothes. It is thus necessary for the photographer to put all the elements together that would make the perfect, intriguing photo. Make-up and hairstyling are some of the main necessities for a fashion shoot. It is often less needed in other types of photography, but since fashion is all about looking good and selling the product or brand, it is crucial for the model to look the utmost best. Make-up and hairstyling also play a very big role in the type of atmosphere or image you’d like to capture. Focusing on natural makeup will make your photo look more subtle and effortless, but focusing on darker make-up and bigger hair, will add to a more dramatic and bold photo.
  • Master the posing and be sure to know what you want before starting the shoot. It often helps to look at examples of something similar to what you want to achieve with your shoot. Try and emulate that. By using pieces that are broken down or some that have an angular body shape, will help you stay on track with what is current, fashionable and working.
  • Don’t know where to shoot? Choose a studio. A studio is a great choice if you want to be able to focus more on lighting and add emphasis to it. This also allows you to shoot at any given time of day without having to worry about the lighting

Fashion photography can be a wonderful job. Just imagine seeing your perfected art in some of the biggest fashion magazines in the world. The fashion industry is your oyster and creativity your key.

The Top Genres of Photography every Photographer needs to know

Photography has become a massive hype over the passed few years. Not that it hasn’t been in a hype for several decades, but ever since the ‘smartphone era’, sharing photographs and snapping away on the go, has exposed the entire world to a whole new ball game of photography. When looking at photo of family and friends on social, advertising campaigns and the use of billboards adds to the overall effect of communicating a bigger message to the community or viewer.

There is various type of photography. This is something that not many know as photography seems like such a simple, easy-to-use tool. On the contrary, it is not as basic and standard as one might think.

Different Genres of Photography

  1. Aerial Photography

This type of photography includes everything from shooting the city when on a flight, to landscape photography. Any image captured from above is thus referred to as aerial photography.

  1. Architectural Photography

If you think of the word ‘architectural’, you might think that this type of photography specializes in shooting building-like structures or real estate design. Architectural photography is much more than just that. It is the capturing of innovative shapes, forms, colours and structures. All of which adds to a visually appealing element of photography.

  1. Candid Photography

Noticed as one of the best genres of photography, the moments captured for candid photography are completely random and spontaneous. The subjects helping to create the image are usually not aware that the photographer is there. This is ideal as the subjects appear extremely relaxed in front of the camera.

  1. Document Photography

This type of photography creates a story-like styled photography. The photographs usually utilize a specific subject that the photographer aims on highlighting.

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion is a captivating, artistic field of which photography generally plays a very big role in It is also a photography that lures clients and customers to the relevant business, brand or product. There are a lot more individuals involved in creating the perfect images for fashion photography. These include lighting, location, make-up, model play and stylists.

  1. Food Photography

Whether it is sharing images of food at your favourite restaurant, or just a random snap of the pizza you just ordered, food leaves and impact of comfort. The most important feature when shooting food photography is the chosen lighting.

  1. Landscape Photography

Noticed as one of the most important types of photography, landscape is one of the best as it portrays the perfect scenery.

  1. Night-long exposure photography

This tool will help you transform photography after dark. In doing so, it will help you understand the knowledge better. As well as how to work with both light and shutter speed.

8 Tips for Architectural Photographers

Since today’s photography platform consumes a larger quantity of architecture using photographs, the advantages of architectural photography have created an even more visual understanding and have showcased a visual understanding of, for instance, buildings. This type of photography encompasses the ability of serving, almost as a library, as you can view images of places and structures you might not have the ability or chance to view physically. In doing so, architectural photography also serves as a valuable resource in which we can expand our current architectural knowledge and vocabulary. Who would’ve thought that photography could actually become educational?

Top 10 Tips for Architectural Photography

  1. Choose different weather conditions at different times of the day – In most cases of shooting your subject, there is a requirement of dramatic lighting. This assists in capturing the wonder of architecture, the natural effects of nature, the golden hours of which sunrise and sunset provide, and differently shaped shadows with bright colours. By shooting images throughout the day, you also allow for the opportunity of being a storyteller.
  2. Prioritize perfect lighting – Whether or not you are shooting photographs or leaning more towards the film, good lighting should be reserved as a priority to help emphasize the space you are shooting.
  3. Choose a unique angle – Play with perspective. It is both entertaining and rewarding. Take time to find different angles to photograph that can add a different element of exposure.
  4. Include people in your architectural photography – In history, there has been a trend of not including people in architectural photographs, but since it’s the 21st century, why not get creative. Add people to your photograph and bring it to life.
  5. Don’t objectify the buildings – When shooting architecture, don’t just shoot from one angle. Choose different angles to provide the viewer with a wide range and understanding of what they’re interested and looking at.
  6. Explore details – The best lens to shoot with is usually a wide-angle lens, but since there is a lot of detailing in this type of photography, try different angles to add to the drama.
  7. Make use of post-processing tools

Edit and tweak your images to match any atmosphere you envision to capture. Images should always be altered with a clear understanding. With, knowing what type of changes with applications such as Photoshop or Lightroom is fine. Both provide the photographer with an array of advanced function like lens correction and adjustment.

  1. Invest in proper photography equipment

Serious about getting started by being a high-quality architectural photographer? Be sure to invest in the proper equipment and you will reap the rewards. You will need a wide-angle lens and a polarized filter to name but a few.

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